Welcome to W19 CAD

W19 CAD offer a custom Computer Aided Design (CAD). 3D models, engineering drawing, renderings and much more. We can turn your rough sketches into detailed models and drawings. We can also remodel your old parts to be compatible with a new system. Drawings toleranced to BS and custom standards. We offer a simple service, email us a sketch, drawing, model or whatever you have and I will give you quote, after that I will send back detailed drawings or a CAD model in whatever format you prefer.

Services on offer

We can do as little or as much as you need and offer a personal service tailored to your needs, budgets and time-scales:

  • 3D CAD models
  • 2D enginineering drawings
  • Layouts and floorplans
  • Component development and refinement
  • Engineering drawings
  • BOMs and parts lists
  • CNC configurations


Rates are very reasonable and you will only be billed for actual modelling and drawing time rounded down to the nearest quarter of an hour. Everything is logged so you will not be paying for tea and toilet breaks. No job too small, minimum billable time is only half an hour. Discounts available for day rates and week rates. Fixed rates on request. Confidentiality agreement available.


3D CAD models can be created in a number of native formats and conversion to universal formats is available so you can be sure the finished parts will fit your existing assemblies. Most popular CAD systems catered for. Universal model formats available: Parasolid, u3D, ACIS, IGES, STEP, STL, 3DPDF, etc.

2D drawings can be on your own border or we can create a custom border for you. Standard formats available such as DXF and DWG. Final drawings can also be produced in 'office' formats such as PDF and JPG.